Why do it? Mark 12:38-44

What is our motivation?  Why do we go about the business that we say we are called to do in following Christ?  Is it fame?  Is it wealth?  Is it importance?  Is it to be adored by others?  Again, what is our motivation?

Jesus contrasts two different groups of people.  One group is the scribes.  They walk around in flowing robes and sit in places of honor.  The other group are widows having very little power and usually poor.  The first Jesus puts down as seeking the praise of others.  The second he highlights with a widow putting what little she had in the treasury.  The latter being more valuable than the first.

Jesus as usual is making life uncomfortable for those living in comfort.  We all know how life works.  Praise is given to the greatest financial contributor (or potential contributor).  The head table is reserved for those wielding the most power in society.  What about the ‘little’ people?  The volunteers providing the arms and legs to the church’s ministry?  What about the average folk financially willing to give more to pay the bills and fund the outreach even though the amount may seen meager?  These ‘little’ people contribute the most because they are not giving from abundance but themselves.  They contribute the most because they believe not for what they receive in return.  Jesus highlights a poor widow with only a couple coins to give as more valuable.

So why do we do it?  Why do we follow Jesus?  Two reasons are presented for following Christ.  One is to follow the way of the scribes.  The other is to be like the widow.  We know the one Jesus prefers.


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