Truth sets you free (John 8:31-36)

Freedom seems very illusive these days.  Truth looks to be carrying a mortal wound.  Truth has been cut deeply with claims of false news because it doesn’t fit our preferred view of reality.  These last days leading up to the elections have the candidates throwing accusations against each other that trample the truth for political gain.  Unsubstantiated claims are made against immigrants looking for a better life for themselves and their children.  Truth has been inflicted with a serious wound.

The assault on the truth has placed us in bondage.  We are in bondage to our fear of each other.  We are in bondage to the hatred we hold against those of a different race or level of wealth.  We are in bondage to the anger that is stoked to polarize us left against right.  Truth is being damaged and the result is we are in bondage that prevents us from coming together to deal with the challenges to society and the world as a whole.  Jesus was absolutely correct in saying that to know the truth is what sets you free.

The reading from John has Jesus in a heated debate over the truth of his identity and validity of his message.  After all, where does he get the right to challenge established and cherished traditions that identify as being one of God’s people?  How does he get to redefine the understanding of sin?  The anger came from hearing Jesus’ words of truth that sets us free.

Belonging to God is listening to the truth of our humanity.  Sin is refusing to abide, find our life in God.  In the end, those not free do what is customary.  They kill what will set them free; Jesus was killed on a cross.  However, he was raised from the dead.  Jesus truly is freedom.

Listen to the truth.  It will set you free.


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