What are you wishing for? Luke 1:39-55

“What are you wishing for?” is the kind of question we get often this time of year.  It often comes from those looking to fill in the hole behind our name on their gift list.  So what is on your wish list for the year but lets get serious.  The wishes that go beyond what can be wrapped and placed under the tree.  The serious wishes often fall outside of our capacity to make happen.  The serious wishes might include health for a friend spending too much time in the hospital this last year.  A country less divided…a lot less hatred in words and actions…a calmer Wall Street could also be on our list wishes.  So, “What are you wishing for?”

Elizabeth and Mary had their own personal wishes.  Elizabeth and her husband were at the age where wishing for a child had changed to wishing for the child that could have been.  Yet, she was pregnant.  A new life was going to be born when reality had no hope.  The kind of wish for the advent, the coming of God.

Mary was also pregnant under circumstances considered scandalous.  However, she broke into song that announced the wishes of what was an insignificant young woman living under the dictates of others far more powerful.  The wishes made possible because of the child she was carrying.  The coming of God to bring new life to those with no hope.  The coming of God to make new a world where the wishes of the lowly get filled.

The proud are scattered in the thoughts of their hearts…

The powerful are removed from their thrones…

The lowly are lifted up…

The hungry are filled with good things…

The rich are sent away empty…

The wishes of Elizabeth and Mary were made possible by the advent of God, namely the Christ child soon to be born.

What do you wish for?  Seriously, “what do you wish for?” with the coming of Christ?


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