A Truth Kingdom John 18:33-37

“What is truth?” was Pilate’s response to Jesus in today’s reading.  If there was a time when the knowing of truth was important, it is now.  What is truth?  Truth seems to be what we want it to be.  If the truth of global warming is inconvenient, then it is not mentioned in official documents.  If Scripture calls our ways into question, then we deflect and use the truth of Scripture to highlight the sinfulness of someone else.  Or, we search the Scripture to find a verse that will support our way of thinking.  The use of denial, deflection and manipulation, leave us wondering “What is Truth?”

Two different kingdoms are in conflict from John’s reading.  Pilate’s kingdom was Roman with its military might, oppression to keep the people under control and using of people to benefit the powerful few.

Jesus’ kingdom is not of this world.  If it was, then the people would fight to protect him.  Jesus’ kingdom is not about warring, or killing, or oppression, or abuse.  Therefore it isn’t of this world.

Pilate pressured Jesus about his kingship.  Pilate was correct in calling Jesus king but Jesus came not to set up a rival earthly kingdom.  He came to testify to  truth.  If we want to be on the side of truth, then we need to listen to him.  In the end, he is the truth.

Jesus is the truth of what it means to be human… The truth of what brings life into the world… The truth of who is life.  Pilate’s kingdom brings death.  Jesus’ kingdom brings life even out of death through his upcoming death and resurrection.  Knowing and listening to truth is crucial.

“What is truth?”  We deny, deflect and manipulate to create our understanding or preference for the truth.  This is the truth of the kingdoms of this world.  However, if we want to be on the side of truth that brings life to this world, we need to listen to him.


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